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Therapy For Your Business

Does your business need therapy?

Organizations have been through a lot recently. A pandemic changing the way people work, increased costs, disconnection and employees responding with 'quiet quitting', 'presenteeism', absenteeism, burnout, and loss of engagement.

It's okay to ask for help.

Individuals are much less likely to put up with pain than ever before- as therapists we've seen this in the number of people who just won't tolerate misery any more and seek help to do something about it.


But businesses are slower to admit they have a problem. especially when the problem comes as part of the operation of the business (the price of working in the field that you do). The trouble is, if the business isn't doing anything about it's issues, then its people will- they will disengage, or leave.

Maybe it's not the whole business, maybe it's a silo or a team, but if it isn't being dealt with then the business is enabling the problem.

Not sure whether your business has a problem?

  • How are the relationships in your team? Lots of lovely, respectful, clear, collaborative communication?

  • How fulfilled are your people? Where's the Joy? The Purpose?

  • Is your office just a box to work in? Or is there a community?

  • Are your people Resilient? Confident? Capable? 

  • Is there a Blame culture?

We apply therapy to the whole organisation to get you back on track. Confront the toxicity, the organisational burnout, and the loss of faith in management, the business, and the whole point of it all.

Contact Us and we'd be delighted to demonstrate experience and credentials.


We initially ask questions.

Sometimes challenging ones.

We ask Everybody.

The Business Therapy Process

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