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Corporate Contracts

Personal Development, Leadership Coaching, Lifestyle Management, and Counselling contracts are all available through The Elder Consultancy.


We have the scaleability that comes from years of working in collaboration with other consultants in the same field; either on business psychological contracts or leadership development courses. This ensures a team with a skillset that matches the business need as well as the needs of your people.


Innovation Training, Board Facilitation, Cultural Integration, Counselling Services, Addiction Rehabilitation, Leadership Coaching, and Team Development are all available using our consortia.


We specialize in helping Creatives to maintain productivity, break through blocks, and avoid the pitfalls of sudden success, with a methodology that embraces and works with the truth behind creative work and lifestyle choices.  


Contact Us and we'd be delighted to demonstrate experience and credentials.

Before you think you have to  call Rehab, you can call us

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